The Jewel Web support team carries talent and passion to provide support to the company’s customers, and always puts its capabilities in customer service, to ensure your full satisfaction with the service, and to ensure the distinction of your business and your commercial brand



Our prices


Jewel Web provides professional services for designing or developing sites or applications for your business, compared to the lowest prices and through flexible and multiple packages that fit the size of your activity


200 $

Every month

Get an advertising campaign now for your products or services via Google, Facebook or the rest of the social media services

Web Design

300 $


Request a professional site with an attractive design that displays all your services or products with a strong management board and an innovative design


  200 $

every year

Book Domain with strong hosting and official emails with a protection and privacy certificate for domain data

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Sites Design

Jewel Web takes into account a company design compatibility with international quality standards, to ensure the design and development of your website with high performance and quality

  • responsive
  • Fast and safe
  • Global design
  • Withdrawal and escape
  • Full dynamism

the phone

We offer all the services and creation of phone applications, whether that runs Android or iOS with great professionalism and high quality

  • Mobile programming
  • Fast and safe
  • Windows phone
  • Global design